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Friday, July 18th, 2008
9:04 am
My dream was fairly exciting and action-packed last night, so I wrote it down. I have a feeling it went on for quite a long time too, as I seem to remember waking at 5 and then going back into it, until my alarm woke me at 7...
Me, Chris, John, Bill, Spoox, and this random woman called 'Mummy' (not my mother, or anyone else's) lived in a house which was a cross between Bleak House and my grandmother's flat. We were drug dealers, and the earlier part of the dream involved having amazing gunfights with the mafia. So many guns. Everywhere. Later on in the dream we got busted for having loads of what was supposedly pot, and loaded into a police car, along with our 'stash' (which looked like loads of bundles of dock leaves). Then there was some confusion and the police couldn't be bothered to arrest us, although they took our stuff, which worried us as we had to fill orders. When we got home we discovered there was loads of the pot/dock leaf stuff growing everywhere in the garden, and there was nothing to worry about. We gathered it up quickly, as we were leaving for InFest (which I've never actually been to), and as we had no money this was how we were going to make it. On the way there I discussed with Spoox how I'd got him a column in the Chap magazine, judging people's hats, and his pen name was going to be 'Mister Chapeau'. We got Infest and hung out briefly in a playground. I kept trying to put a combination of a pinstripe bandana and a collar on my head to hide my lack of hair extensions. Then we had to go to a funeral. Luke wanted to come to, but I said he hadn't known the deceased, and it wouldn't be appropriate. But I didn't know whose funeral it was either, and was too embarassed to ask. I hinted around for clues, but Chris and Abby just kept reeling of funeral cliches which didn't illuminate who it was. Afterwards we went to this climbing and lifting park thing, made of wood and metal on an adventure-playground rope base. It turned out all of the climbing-frames were unstable if you were very strong, and so it was arrogant to be scared, but still, they were scary. I tried to get into one thing where you were supposed to pull down, and the pulling would be the equivalent weight of Optimus Prime, but the thing you pulled down (I tested a lever from the outside where it was easier) would pull down on your head if you could do it. People urged me to try it, saying I couldn't do it, and therefore it was perfectly safe. I said I felt too unstable and couldn't, in fact the whole park felt kind of dangerous and unstable to me. Everyone said I was right, it probably was time for bed. I thought this was strange as it was mid-afternoon. They said I'd been up all the night before. I couldn't remember this. "How long do you think you've been here?" they asked. I didn't know, I felt kind of spacey and confused, as if in a dream...
(then my alarm went off)
Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
6:56 am
this one happened in my slumbering head probably about 2 weeks ago now but i remember when i woke up i was so bemused by the fucker that i started blurting it out to the fella next to me...

at some friends some more days later over dinner and wine i continued going on about this one particular image in my mind that was not weakening in vibrance so much so that a girlfriend told me i should draw it, so after a crude pencilling later i had the image scarred forever now on paper...

but it was what would happen on a sunday afternoon even more days later after a delcious meal of venison and pineapple juice in a nudist restaraunt famous for their wild meat that would knock my socks off...


i'm out at sea on some shipping exhibition, we're explorers, proper sea faring folks on a mighty barge...dark cold waves crashing against the boat, we're all dressed in blue and black rubber and our attire matches the skies and the sea

AVAST HOY i see it coming at me, i can't believe my fucking eyes...it's a big black wet cow...seemingly frightened and floating atop the surface of the water...

me and my team know what must be done, we are there to rescue it, it's then when i see it's NOT floating on the water, it's not like jesus after all...holy shit, it's riding the back of a great motherfucking ORCA

i love the motion of this image in my mind, the orca, bless it, is swimming near the surface and the cow is balanced on its back, it's face a few feet away from the blow hole...

if you could see me i would make the motion of the orca flowing in sync with the motion of the water

it's beautiful

theres another one!

2 sets of them now

how the fuck did these cows get so lost at sea??

we dive in, and swim towards them and the orcas are coming towards us, as if to deliver them to the safety of our barge

we're throwing chords and ropes around the cows in order so we may hoist them up to the ship, people on the boat, myself to now, i'm back on the boat and out of the water, are dragging the cows in, towing them towards the ship but being careful to ensure their heads remain above the surface

thats kind of the main part i remember and the pencil drawing was pretty much just that, the image of the cow on the back of this orca and the angle as if through a lens that i was watching it

Now, back to the venison burger...about a week after the drawing, after we've filled our little canadian hungover faces with quality meat and paid the bill, pulled up our collars and back into the streets of another rainy day in Vancouver, i peek over at the wall where the flyers and posters are and stop dead in my fucking boots...

"jonas, jonas, holy fuck dude! check it out!" (one of the friends who was there for the little pencil doodling)

a big dumb confused fascinated smile on my face

it's a local free magazine called Common Ground, politics, arts, city goin's on, etc...the fucking cover, i SHIT you not, is a fucking cow and a fucking bottle nose dolphin (not an orca but you will kindly note that an orca is the largest of all porpoise or whatever) JUMPING from the water and (rather badly) photo shopped to appear as if they ARE FLOATING ON THE WATER

pretty cool.
i have some thoughts and it came up in discussion a fair bit, anyone else?
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